The Schrammie: A mi$$ion from God?


By Ken Schram

He says God is still whispering in his ear.

And the voice of the Almighty is telling him to go be a mogul and smite those homosexuals.

So would Pastor Ken Hutcherson put down that bottle of sacramental wine and please come on down?

Being one of the region's pre-eminent Christian bullies, the right-wing reverend is gathering his flock for a special mission.

That idea is to have the faithful buy up shares of Microsoft stock and then donate a portion to Pastor Hutcherson's newly created "AGN Financial Network."

The ultimate goal would be that the pastor's soldiers of Christ would come to wield enough shareholder power to thwart Microsoft's support of gay rights.

Ideally, Pastor Hutcherson would like to strip away gay civil rights protections and prevent the legalization of gay marriage.

I just wonder if God gave him any other stock tips besides Microsoft.

Anyway, for his blustery biblical tirades; for his coarse and cruel regard for basic human dignity but mostly for his arrogance and disdain of people who see things differently than he, take a bow Pastor Hutcherson, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

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