Ken Schram: How do lawmakers spell traffic relief? Try 'CYA'


By Ken Schram

It would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Late last year State Auditor Brian Sonntag released a report that urged the state to make congestion relief a top priority.

It was a big "HELLO" to most of us who thought fixing our congestion nightmares was already up there on the get-it-done list.

It wasn't.

Enter House Bill 3290.

Having concluded that there's no real respite from congestion coming anytime soon, the Democrats and their brain trust in Olympia figured that there should need be at least some semantic assistance.

So what they've done is introduce a bill that would shift around some words so that congestion relief ends up as duly noted in state policy goals.

Mind you, the bill doesn't do doodily squat about actually reducing congestion, but certain politicians believe it will somehow give them a certain layer of "CYA" protection in this big election year.

In other words, the wool you feel being pulled down over your eyes is meant to keep you from seeing the meaningless reality of House Bill 3290.

Like I said, if all this wasn't so sad, it'd be almost funny.

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