Ken's E-mails: Nudity should not be on TV


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- There was a lot of reaction to my criticism of the Federal Communications Commission earlier this week.

I disagreed with the FCC hitting ABC Television and some of its affiliates with over a million dollars in fines for having shown a woman's butt on the program "NYPD Blue" back in 2003.

A certain number of you disagreed with me.

From Caralyn Haglund: "...Nudity of any form should not be on TV. Period...We've gotten so used to the obscene...nothing is held sacred."

Don Anderson: "We all wonder why we have a problem with sex-related crimes and pornography. We pipe it into our homes every day with television...the FCC should have been much harder..."

Nathan Solla: "This recent nonsense about your dislike for the FCC is a prime example of your unenlightened perspective...TV is not for porn and ABC should have been fined more than a measly $1.4 million."

And finally from Frank Nelson: "Hey Schram - Thank God there is some decency left in this country. The FCC is guarding the public airwaves. How much would KOMO be fined for putting your butt on the news?"

Golly, gosh oh gee Frank, I imagine it would be a whole bunch of money.

Thanks for writing everyone. Have a great weekend.

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