Ken Schram: Work on banning raisins instead


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - I'm all for recess in schools.

And while I'm at it, allow me to strongly come out in support of mom's apple pie.

Now, so far state lawmakers haven't tried to meddle with a law on apple pie, but they are up to their tetherballs when it comes to recess.

There's a measure making its way through the Legislature that would require schools to turn 40 minutes of every school day over to recess.

Seems Rep. John McCoy - he's the one who sponsored this bill - thinks there are too many sedentary fat kids in the classroom and since he can't muster a law to make them skinny, he wants a law to make them active.

One issue I have with this is that it's just one more unfunded legislative mandate for schools, who, by the way, should be able to set their own daily curriculum without being given a whole host of marching orders from the Legislature.

Childhood obesity and the health issues that come with it is a problem that needs to be addressed - by parents!

We don't need another lame law that seeks to put local school districts in a curriculum and budget bind.

As for the apple pie: I don't think I'd object to a law banning raisins.

That, at least, is reasonable.

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