Ken's E-mails: Let recess live!


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - A surprising number of people took serious exception to my criticism of creating a law to require recess in public schools. (Read earlier commentary at this link.)

Dana Steele-Sierk writes: "As a high school science teacher and the mom of two elementary school kids, I say bring on more heck with raisins and apple pie - let's play more."

Terry Barker: "I don't know if a law is needed, but something needs to be done so that kids can still have time to just go outside and be kids for just a little while each day."

Amy Richards: "Kids today are losing their childhood to inane tests and overscheduled lives...Don't take recess away too."

Dave Milligan: "Your 'two-bits' didn't recognize any of the underlying reasons for this legislation...Your criticism of (the) bill was...ill informed...This is about requiring (schools) to provide time for...students to decompress."

Micki Webb: "I'll sign (up) as long as...lima beans (are also banned)

And finally, from Kiana Weinschenk: "You obviously are completely ignorant of...the strong link between activity, cognition and academic sorely need to expand upon your knowledge base."

You're not kidding Kiana. I had to look up the definition of "cognition."

Thanks for writing everyone.

Have a great weekend.

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