The Schrammie: Taking a sip out of crime


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE --- When someone calls 911, it's supposed to be an emergency.

Explain that to the baristas who thought it was criminal harassment when someone snapped their picture.

It happened at "Espresso Gone Wild" in Kitsap County where milk isn't the only thing that gets a little steamy.

The baristas there dress in alluring lingerie, skimpy skirts and otherwise revealing attire.


In short, they serve up their mochas with a little “extra whip.”

The young women at the "sexpresso" stand put up a sign that says "No Pictures."

So when a couple of male customers snapped their digital shutter, the baristas called 911.

The cops dutifully responded and took a report.

Now, maybe someone should explain to those young women at Espresso Gone Wild that police certainly have better things to do.

And maybe someone should clue them in that when a couple of guys take a picture of half-naked woman serving coffee on a Kitsap County highway, it's NOT a police emergency.

And then someone explain to them why this week, this “Schrammie” is all theirs.

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