Ken's E-mails: Me, the perpetrator of hate?


By Ken Schram

My criticism of Rev. Ken Hutcherson and his protest against Mt. Si High School for its support of gay and lesbian teenagers drew some pointed remarks from a number of viewers. (Read earlier commentary at this link.)

Elaine Biggerstaff writes: "You are the perpetrator of hate when you refuse to tolerate the obligation Christians have to believe what God has revealed."

James D. Miller: "Gay-loving liberals like you are responsible for more and more homosexual activity by your acceptance of the gay agenda."

Kent Evans: "Only a communist would say things that distort reality like you do Ken."

Joy Ficken; "What's really going on is that a certain group of kids are getting special treatment in a school that my tax for...Why just gay kids?"

Rick Burns: "...Where is your tolerance for people who believe there are moral ramifications in the tide of homosexual ideologies? Your tolerance runs a bit thin when it comes to conservative Christian teaching."

And from Wayne Likely: "Your racist, anti-Christian, hateful remarks are not acceptable...What the hell's the matter with you...The solar powered...trolley to hell leaves in 5 minutes. Be under it."

Wow, that's very Christian of you Wayne.

Thanks for writing everyone and have a great weekend.

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