The Schrammie: Honk if you're wasting $200 million


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- Oh those Seattle city fathers.

They keep coming up with ways to make our streets environmentally friendlier and aesthetically pleasing, when all we want is a way out of gridlock.

Well, I'd like the whole batch down at Seattle city hall to quit sniffing all that CO2 and come on down.

Earlier this week, the city council brain trust voted to release $14 million for engineering and right of way buy outs.

It's part of a $200 million project that includes widening Mercer Street and turning it into a two-way boulevard.

And what do we get for all that money?

Pedestrian friendly ambience and more congested traffic than what we have now!

What else do the Seattle city fathers have in mind for $200 million?

Well, let's just say that whatever pedestrians may end up ambling around South Lake Union will be moving a lot faster than motorists.

So, for their complete disregard for drivers; for not even a scintilla of sympathy for the commuting public and simply because as Seattle city fathers they are a group of misguided 'muthas', all of you city hall folk take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

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