Ken Schram: Keeping the lie alive


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- One of the great myths propagated by conservatives is that everyone who's active duty military is all gung-ho about the war in Iraq.

In order to sustain that lie, disdain and discredit is reserved for those who go on to become mere veterans and then have the audacity to offer up honest opinions.

Which brings us to this weekend's Armed Forces Day Parade over in Bremerton.

Lots of bands and lots of people will be marching in the annual event.

The North Olympic Peninsula Veterans for Peace will not be among them.

The Bremerton Chamber of Commerce has deemed them not worthy.

"Too political" was the chamber's reason for rejecting them.

Never mind that when the group marched in last year's parade they weren't disruptive or disrespectful.

Never mind that everything about an Armed Forces Day Parade in this day and age is "too political" at some level.

No, the only thing we should mind is that in honoring the men and women who've served in our armed forces, the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce has decided that those who served and now advocate for peace are not worthy to march in their parade.

Keeping the lie alive.

A great way to celebrate and honor service to one's country.

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