Ken's e-mails: 'Show respect to the military'


By Ken Schram

My complaining about the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce refusing to let the North Olympic Peninsula Veterans for Peace participate in this weekend's Armed Forces Day parade drew some sharp words from people who think I'm way out of line.  (Read earlier commentary at this link.)

Eric L. Anderson writes: "(Schram) - You can be so shallow. ... Armed Forces Day celebrations in Bremerton do not stoop to pro-war or anti-war rhetoric. ... The ... celebration rises above politics."

Dave Munro: "Once again you shine like the true anti-patriot, un-American liberal traitor your are."

Blanche Saladino: "The parade is our opportunity to show respect and appreciation to the members of the military. How will protest signs against the work that these people are in engaged in do that? We want to build up the morale of our military families with support and admiration."

Buster LaBrie: "Why is it that protest groups always want to be included in someone else's event. ... Tell them to parade in Berkeley."

And finally from David Hall to station management: "I'm just so sick and tired of Schram's babbling. ... Please fire him or hire someone from the far right. I'd suggest Pastor Ken Hutcherson ... "

Tell you what David, have him send us a resume.

Thanks for writing everyone.

Take care.

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