Ken Schram: These 8 dogs are just too dangerous


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- I'm all for doing what's best for dogs.

And I've sometimes been a lone defender of pit bulls being treated unfairly simply because of their breed.

But even I think this one's too weird and too dangerous.

For the past year, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, aka "SCRAPS," has provided a foster home for 8 pit bulls that were seized in a high profile dog fighting case.

These are dogs that were bred for viciousness.

They've never been housebroken.

They've never lived in a house.

Yet the SCRAPS people are trying to find people who will adopt them.

Sorry, but that's plain dumb.

It doesn't matter how competent any adoptive owners might be.

These dogs are just too dangerous to be placed in a home where family members, neighbors and other animals would forever be at risk.

If these animals can't be placed in a sanctuary somewhere, they should be put down.

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