The Schrammie: Who's the real boob here?


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- Oh the humanity!

With plaintive cries of 'what if a child should see', some folks in Bonney Lake are getting all frothy over how their lattes are served up.

I'd like to invite Jeff Barrick - one of the ringleaders who'd like to put a lid on some scantily-clad baristas - to come on down.

Jeff is among those taking offense at the lack of attire at the Cowgirls Espresso stand.

Seems double-tall mochas served up by young women wearing nothing but a bikini is a tad too risqué for some of them thar Bonney Lake latte lovers.

Jeff and his moral marauders have since complained to city politicians, who are now bent on trying to figure out if the bikinied baristas are violating any city ordinances.

Well, I think the uptight and indignant folks like Jeff are the real boobs here.

And what with summer almost upon us, someone better warn Jeff and his hearty band of puritans to stay away from beaches and pools.

Accordingly, If you don't like pasties with your pastries, buy your buns someplace else.

In the meantime, for making mountains out of molehills and for flailing about with manufactured moral indignation, take a bow Jeff, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

PS: It comes fully clothed.

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