Ken Schram: Are pay toilets far off?


By Ken Schram

So American Airlines is going to charge us to check our baggage: $15 for the first piece of luggage; $25 for the second.

The world's largest air carrier says it's being forced to do this because of the ever escalating cost of fuel.

Being a sympathetic sort of guy (and knowing how difficult it must be to scrape by while charging a paltry $500 or $600 to fly a person from Seattle to New York) I'd like to help American out by suggesting other ways of bilking passengers.

Excuse me, I meant suggesting other alternative revenue sources.

Here's one: Pay toilets.

Heck, just put one of those dollar bill eaters on the doors to those spacious restrooms and watch the money roll in.

Here's another: First on, first off auction in coach.

Highest bidders can beat the rush and the airline can put the cash in the bank!

How about a passenger pool for departure/arrival time, with the airlines taking 20 percent off the top?

Oh, and here's a good one: Along with 15 dollars to check our luggage why not a $10 will get you $20 bet on where the luggage ends up!

Because when times get tough, American Airlines just needs to get tougher and I, for one, am glad to help.


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