"The Schrammie" goes to: a man of bigoted determination


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - It takes a special kind of person to openly advocate for discrimination.

In this instance, it takes a man of stilted thinking; a man of narrow-minded focus, not to mention bigoted determination.

Indeed, in this case it takes...a man of God.

So would Rev. Ken Hutcherson please, step away from the pulpit and come on down.

Last week found the senior pastor at Antioch Bible Church trudging to Olympia to file an initiative that would repeal a state law banning discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Between now and July 6, the holier-than-thou self-proclaimed tool of God's avenging hand must convince 224,800 registered voters to sign on the dotted line.

Doing so would allow them to join the ranks of all those who feel God's judgment is theirs for the taking, not to mention having a secular hand in shoving homosexuals to the back of the bus, so to speak.

The otherwise personable Rev. Hutcherson is on a crusade to smite those who seek nothing more than fair and equal treatment under the law.

So, for rising to his self-imposed challenge by sinking to an ecclesiastical low; for his disdain of the human condition and his spiteful desire to steal civil rights under the guise of God, take a bow Rev. Hutcherson, 'cause this "Schrammie's" for you.

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