Ken Schram: Certifiable genius


By Ken Schram

Look at what Seattle's mayor is pedaling now: bike lanes.

452 miles of citywide bike lanes.

At the bargain basement price of just $240 million.

I'll bet the dozens of people who use their bike to commute to work every day of the year are literally jumping out of their spandex at what Greg Nickels is touting.

And think of how many other folks will be abandoning their cars once this maze of bike lanes is complete.

Because if Greg builds it, they will come.

Before you know it, cars will be a downtown oddity.

Seattle will be like Beijing, nothing but bicycles as far as the eye can see.

Hell, we sure won't be needing no stinking viaduct no more!

Yes sir Greg Nickels, you are a certifiable genius.

Imagine taking a mere quarter of a billion dollars to solve downtown traffic congestion AND global warming in just one fell swoop.

Oh, some may mock your vision; some may doubt your wisdom, but what do they know?

History will certainly judge Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels with true clarity.

Dare I say, he will come to be known as the Sanjaya of city politics.

Next up:  Special lanes for roller skaters.

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