Ken Schram: I'm sorry


By Ken Schram


Talk about a confluence of circumstances.

An otherwise innocent package...

With no return address...

An alert mail room clerk...

The next thing you know, 350 hardworking civil servants are told to evacuate the building out of fear there's a bomb in the box.

And it was my fault.

The Washington State Patrol bomb squad was called to the Department of Corrections offices in Tumwater. The suspicious box was removed from the building and X-rayed.

No wires. No explosives.

Just an innocuous bobble head.

A "Schrammie."


It was destined for the desk of director Harold Clarke for his inept handling of matters within the Department of Corrections. (Read the original Schrammie presentation here.)

Instead, I'm caught up in an inept web of my own making.

To the 350 people forced to scurry from their workplace: I'm sorry.

To the Tumwater police and state patrol bomb squad who responded and handled things proficiently and professionally: I'm sorry.

As a small token of amends, there will be 35 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts coming your way next week.

And you can bet they'll be delivered, because I sure as hell ain't mailing them.

Schrammie Follow-Up
Updated May 30th

Last week, the Department of Corrections offices outside Olympia were evacuated after a “Schrammie” that had been awarded to Director Harold Clarke was mistakenly identified as a bomb.

I apologized and, as an act of contrition, offered to buy donuts for the 350 people that were made to flee the building in fear of it exploding.

Well, DOC officials decided they would rather have 40 dozen donuts donated to the Thurston County food bank.

I called the food bank and the director, Binda Douglas, agreed that while doughnuts were OK, cash would help more people.

So I will be sending the food bank a check for $300.

And that about wraps that up.

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