Ken Schram: Tired of right-wing judgmental attitude


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - It looks like right-wing conservatives have it all figured out.

They've already determined what happened over the Memorial Day weekend.

They deduced that it's people 'like me' who are responsible for burning dozens of American flags and replacing many of them with hand-drawn swastikas on the graves of decorated veterans at Woodlawn Cemetery on Orcas Island.

Because people 'like me' are opposed to the war.

Because people 'like me' don't support the policies of President Bush.

And because people 'like me' aren't in tune with their particular brand of political thought, well of course people like me hate America.

And so people 'like me' snuck into Woodlawn Cemetery to pull a perverted stunt like desecrating the graves of veterans at a time set aside to honor them.

I've read their conservative blogs and vitriolic e-mails and listened to their spiteful conspiratorial accusations.

And so now I've got a message from people 'like me'.

We're tired of your loud-mouthed intolerance.

We're fed up with your judgmental attitude.

Take your whacked out conclusions and stuff them.

Now, I plan on going to Woodlawn Cemetery around the 4th of July to put new flags on the graves of those veterans.

I'm hoping some people 'like me' will want to come along.

If you are of like mind and would like to accompany me to Woodlawn Cemetery, please e-mail me. As we get closer to the 4th of July, I’ll contact everyone who’s indicated they want to participate with the specifics of when we’ll head out there and where we can meet up.

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