Ken Schram: No shortage of circus supporters


By Ken Schram

A fair number of folks think I am one big party pooper for having said that it's time for the Ringling Bros, and Barnum and Bailey Circus to stop using exotic animals in its three-ringed extravaganza.

From John Runions: "As a kid I enjoyed the animals at the circus and would like to see this and future generations enjoy them (as well). If they are well cared for then it's none of your damn business."

Dean Windh: "To me a circus just isn't a circus without the lions and tigers and elephants."

Dave Dahlke: "(Now) let's hear you lobby to turn all those caged birds loose that are in many people's home because 'we now understand'...The circus brings smile to many children's faces. You deserve a frowny face for this one."

Isaac Songer: "You are about the most annoying person I have ever heard...Like anybody cares about the damn circus. Grow up."

And finally from Steven Henigson: "Without the exotic animals, it just ain't the circus...Get a grip on yourself Schram, or get one on a Ringling Bros. pooper scooper."

Oh no. Not me Steven. I don't want anything to do with pile of steamy elephant poop.

No siree.

I have enough of a problem dealing with all the bull poop that comes my way!

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for writing.


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