Rite Aid Statement for KOMO News' Story

Statement regarding KOMO News' story on prescription drug prices from Eric Harkreader of the Rite Aid Corporation:

Many factors go into drug pricing including cost of a location, utilities, the overhead to operate the pharmacy and the professional services that the pharmacist provides.

Just like a doctor, the pharmacist is there to provide expert advice and answer questions about patients’ medications.

We monitor our chain drugstore competitors to help ensure we are competitively priced. Had these prescriptions been filled using Rite Aid’s Rx Savings Program, two of the three would have been covered medications and cost $9.99. Rite Aid’s free Rx Savings Program is available to all patients but is especially beneficial to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

By signing up, customers get access to more than 500 generic medications at $9.99 for a 30-day syupply and savings of up to 15% on thousands of generic and brand name prescriptions and other benefits.

Visit www.riteaid.com and click on “Rx Savings Program” for details. We also recommend our patients pick one pharmacy so the pharmacists is aware of all the drugs they’re taking and can check for drug interactions.

Eric Harkreader | Rite Aid Corporation