Walgreen's Reponse to KOMO News' story

Walgreen's response to KOMO News' story on prescription drug prices, as written by spokesperson Robert Elfinger:

We urge people to find one pharmacy that offers the best value in terms of pricing, convenience, service and accessibility.

In addition to convenient locations and hours, it's important to consider the level of service a drugstore provides. Our services include online pharmacy access, drive-thru service, automated refills, prescription labels available in 14 languages and more 24-hour locations than all drugstore chains combined. Our pharmacy network also allows patients to go to any Walgreens nationwide to refill their prescriptions.

More than 97 percent of our patients purchase their prescriptions through some form of prescription insurance coverage or our Prescription Savings Club.

More than 2 million people take advantage of our Prescription Savings Club, which offers more than 400 generic medications for a dollar a week. The program also offers deep discounts on more than 8,000 brand name and all generic medications and is an attractive option for patients without health insurance or for patients who take medications that are not covered by their health plans.

Drug prices for the less than 3 percent of patients who pay cash for all their prescriptions are based on the drug manufacturer's price, other operational factors and local competition.

Robert Elfinger Walgreens