Honda response to Consumer Reports story

Chris Martin at Honda's response to the Consumer Reports article about issues with both the 2003-04 Accord transmissions and the reported brake issues with the 2008-2010 Accords.


Regarding Consumer Reports concern with 2003-2004 Accord transmissions, Honda conducted a recall on certain 2003 and 2004 Accord V6 transmissions to improve transmission fluid flow over the 2nd gear. This recall was originally initiated in November of 2004 after we saw a few higher mileage 2003 models begin to have issues with the 2nd gear. If a vehicle has been repaired under this recall, it should no longer be in danger of experiencing this issue. Any customer or potential buyer can check to see if a vehicle has had this recall work completed by visiting entering the VIN.

Regarding "brake problems" with 2008-2010 Accords, there are no recalls for the brakes of these vehicles, but Honda did offer an updated brake pad and "V" spring for certain 2008-2010 Accord models if they experienced excessive brake noise or a "judder" feel when braking while the vehicles were under warranty. Please note that very few vehicles will experience these symptoms requiring the updated pad and "V" spring, and the same symptoms can be caused by certain driving styles and conditions on any vehicle. If a customer is experiencing that sort of issue or any other brake issue, they can have their vehicle inspected by a Honda dealer. Since most, if not all of these vehicles are now out of warranty, that inspection and any needed repair would likely be at the owner's expense, but most vehicles that would benefit from the updated pad and "V"spring should have experienced the concern and received the repair during the warranty period of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.