Hotlinks National Walking Day, April 1
A list of National Walking Day Events in the Puget Sound area can be found here.
Hotlinks John Hargrove at Town Hall Seattle
Featured guest on First News at 4pm on Monday, March 31st. Hargrove is a former trainer and author of "BENEATH THE SURFACE: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish."
Hotlinks Stolen Youth
Seattle organization working to combat child trafficking. Featured guest on First News at 4pm on Wednesday, March 25.
Hotlinks Excellent Easter Projects
Easter art and craft ideas featured on First News at 4 on Monday, March 23 with Malia Karlinsky.
Hotlinks GoFundMe site for Morose Family
For almost two weeks, a mother and her daughters have been fighting for their lives after a tragic car accident that claimed the life of the father.
Hotlinks Donate to Second Chance Dogs
How to help the local non-profit dog rescue group that was affected by a fire on Tuesday in Roy.