Hotlinks Mercer Weekend Closures
Multiple closures threaten to make a mess of the drive into downtown Seattle starting at 11 p.m. Friday, November 14th. Here are the alternate routes.
Hotlinks Protect Your Car from Thieves
Seattle Police released a new report on car thefts: up 38% so far this year, over last.
Officers do recover 3 out of every 4 cars stolen, but any car made before 2002 is an easy target, so protect yourself by installing a cut-off switch, alarm system or use a steering wheel lock.
The Seattle Neighborhood Group offers locks at a discount.
Hotlinks Seafair Holiday Cruise Right Around the Corner!
The 76 Seafair Foundation's Holiday Cruise takes about 2,000 intellectually disabled people out on the water December 7, for a special lighted boat cruise.
Volunteer your boat to take someone out, creating memories for both you and your special guest!
Hotlinks Tacoma Rescue Mission
The Rescue Mission is in need of 2,000 donated turkeys for its Thanksgiving meal. Click on the link to find out how you can help.