Tami Michaels: Inside Out

Las Vegas World Market

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One of the largest conventions and markets in design and furniture in the world is World Market in Las Vegas last week.  I had the opportunity to attend World market, and have brought back some pictures that reflect the latest international tends in furniture design. As superficial as this topic seems, furniture is a multibillion dollar industry and the trends that are set at the World Market greatly influence what local furniture stores purchase in an effort to draw in consumers.

The first bright furnishing photos are from Haziza, who were the show stoppers at the event.  Tufting was the big statement from a design perspective and the bold colors were captivating. Canary yellow, hot pink, cobalt blue, and metallic shades of silver, white gold, and gun metal in soft leather and shinny vinyl. While the attendance at the show was down, attendees were drawn to the interesting leathers and pleather, which drew in buyers and are predicted by designers to be popular for the next decade.  These lamp photos represent a brand new trend in design called Steam Punk by King Hickory.  The style is based on the imaginative idea "what if a scientist from the late 1800s could envision the future?" Kind of design meets HG Wells’ The Time Machine mixed with the set of the last Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downing, Jr.  I think of it as the Arts and Crafts meets Thomas Edison.  I love it because the lamps are conversation pieces that fit in the warm style of the Northwest. These very basic but lovely looking chairs (Bailey Street Furniture) were in my opinion the most innovative design at the show.  The upholstery on the seats is actually slip covers.  This slip cover system offers both a practical and a easy design solution.  The slip covers can be removed for the easier cleaning and replacement if a chair is damaged.  Designers at the show were elated that they can easily change the look of the chairs at a minimal cost.  Cheers, Tami Michaels