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Pet Friendly Design

Pet Friendly Design

I believe that no house is a home without a pet.  Pet stained floors are a leading cause given by of pet owners for giving up their pets for adoption. The biggest obstacle most pet owner’s face is finding pet friendly flooring for their homes.  

Mohawk’s Dupont Sorona Smart Strand carpet (an advertiser) has become almost a battle cry of an endorsement from me to home owners with pets.  The carpet is not topically treated and the fiber is completely different. The fiber it is made from corn and it is amazing.  Just how amazing?  Mohawk put a Rhino on it for two weeks, go to http://www2.dupont.com/Media_Center/en_US/daily_news/september/article20090904a.html, and is so stain resistant you can even pour bleach on it.

Wood floors are getting easier to refinish. See the attached blog for flooring solutions-  http://www.komonews.com/entertainment/tami-michaels/96887769.html

Upholstery still remains a challenge, yet slip covers and leather remain solid options.  For casual design I am a fan of microfiber.  Microfiber such as Ultra Suede resists stains and last for years.

I believe with all my heart that we should make all design decisions with our kids and pets in mind.

Tami Michaels