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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

This is the height of the indoor painting season, and I want homeowners to remember to decorate the ceilings.  Here are a few design options for ceilings.

1. Ceiling tiles are a fantastic option for covering popcorn ceilings (which could contain asbestos) or old cracked plaster ceilings.  The picture shows one style, and there are many styles and colors to choose from. 

2.  Faux ceiling tiles are another option.  They are created with a stencil and paint.  Stenciling is a great way to cover bad drywall seams, or patched plaster work.

3.  Soft yellow ceilings is one of my tricks for creating light and airy rooms in the Northwest. Another color option that works well for most ceilings include two shades lighter than the wall color.

4.  If the DIY decorator really wants white ceilings I have a couple of quick tips because of my concern that white ceilings appear institutional and cold.   I recommend to homeowners that they should use flat white paint on the ceilings because flat paint does not reflect light and will soften the brush stokes and streaks created by painting with a brush or a paint roller.  Adding crown molding will make the ceiling and will look finished.  My favorite white for ceilings is 'Coconut White' from Daly's Paint as it has a hint of yellow and works beautifully in the Northwest.


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