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Roof Maintenance and Repair

Roof Maintenance and Repair

Winter is upon us.  We have a few sunny days left in our forecast and we need to look at the necessary roof maintenance and repairs that are essential for saving the home owner major headaches from a roof failure during a major storm

The Roof Repair Guide is an essential for any roof repair that a DIY'er could encounter.   http://roofrepairguide.com/

Check all roof flashing especially chimney flashing, and vents are another common source of leaks.  Replace the calking around the flashing if the calking is cracked or peeling. (FYI: this is not hard for the novice DIYer)

Skylights are a common point of failure during the winter months.  The repairs on sky lights are far more complex than simply applying new sealant. The flashing must often be replaced. "How to" info on  http://roofrepairguide.com/.

No matter what type of roof you have it should be maintained by cleaning on a regular basis.  You may want to consult with an expert before taking on this project.


I have a cedar shake roof that is 21 years old and showing lots of wear.  We were given multiple quotes to replace the roof for an estimated cost of $16,000-$22,000.  We found an alternative to replacement.  The roof was cleaned and repaired for $1,600. Most consumers are not aware of the option to repair a seemingly unsalvageable roof.  My roof had to be air cleaned, ten bundles of shake roofing replaced, and finally a roof sealant was required. We now have a five year certification (warranty) on the repaired roof.  This is NOT a recommended DIYer project.  The company that we used has an A+ rating from the BBB, Western Exterior Maintenance http://www.westernexterior.net/.   In this economy a good repair could save homeowners thousands on a new roof.  (FYI: The roofing company that provided these pictures and repaired our roof did not offer any discount for promotional services provided and none were received)

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