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Get Your Decks and Abs in Shape for Summer

Get Your Decks and Abs in Shape for Summer

Today on Inside Out we are going to cover everything that you ever wanted to know about deck care but were afraid to ask with Robin Daly.  I love this video and you will too if you have an ugly tired deck.  http://www.dalyspaint.com/videos.html

Also, PJ Glassy of XGym (www.xgym.com) will be my guest.  PJ inspired me and because of him I lost 38 lbs four and a half months ago and I have kept it off.  PJ will be in today to share his philosophy on exercise and his diet tips.  For starters I have provided a few of PJ's great tips on food selections that have helped me keep that weight off and become a lot healthier to say the least. Here are some great food substitutions and swaps.

For bread: http://julianbakery.com/low-carb-bread/smart-carb-no-1/ (or Smart Carb #2)

Instead of peanut butter: http://fitnutzbutter.com/products.html#SUGARFREE (and with with celery is a great snack)

Instead of regular jam: http://natureshollow.com/

As you can see, we just made a pb&j sandwich.  :-)

Instead of English muffins: http://julianbakery.com/low-carb-bread/manna-from-heaven/

Instead of mayo: http://www.followyourheart.com/products.php?id=20

Tortillas: Smart and Delicious brand tortillas or Don Pancho low carb.

Chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream recipe here: http://xgym.com/xtras/recipes/

For pasta: www.miraclenoodle.com.

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