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It's Time to Hit the Deck!

It's Time to Hit the Deck!

Now that winter is solidly behind us, it is time to prep our outdoor spaces for summer. For many of us the foundation for all the future barbequing and entertaining is the deck. Here are some tips that you can use to maximize your enjoyment while minimizing your maintenance!

Look outside and you'll notice that our exceptionally wet winter was the perfect incubator for unwanted green, slimy, mossy growth. Yuck. Daly's has developed a 1-2-3 Deck Care System to help you go from gross to gorgeous.

Step 1) Daly's Deck and House Cleaner
This is a concentrate that you mix with water, apply and agitate with a bristle scrub brush, and after it's soaked in you simply hose off. You will be impressed with how lovely the wood looks after just this one step.

Step 2) Daly's Wood Brightener
If your newly cleaned deck is looking grayed-out, or perhaps you are needing to mix in some replacement decking with existing and want to ensure you don't have a mish-mash with the differently aged woods, or maybe you are wanting that 'like new' appearance - then this step is key. As before, all you do is apply the brightener, agitate it and after it's soaked for a while you hose it off. Typically you do not need to do this step every time you clean and stain, only when it's greyed-out.

Step 3) Daly's Deck Stain
After your deck is good and dry, you are ready for step three. Daly's DeckStain is a penetrating product that 'feeds' your wood - which means your deck will last quite a bit longer than if left untreated. It even comes in 'Clear' if you don't want to add any color. What are you waiting for? It's time to hit the deck and enjoy your work all summer long!



Thank you Robin Daly for this blog! 

Cheers, Tami Michaels