Tami Michaels: Inside Out

Choosing an exterior paint color

Choosing an exterior paint color can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips-

1. When looking at a small paint chip recognize that your home will appear two to three shades lighter than the paint chip. If the home is painted too light it will look as if it has disappeared.

2. Ask neighbors of homes you like that have a similar architectural style. Be specific, such as identifying the paint brand, the descriptive name and color numbers.

3. Tear out pictures from magazines and look at photos from books

4. Virtual painter: Parker Paint offers this virtual painting software. It allows even the most creatively challenged a simple tool to assist with color selection. Go to http://www.parkerpaint.com/vpainter/parkerpaintjvp.htm

Color can make quite the difference; here is one home in four different color schemes:

Fine China w/ Brazilian Blue Nantucket

Gray w/ Purple Rain

Bisque w/ Santa Monica Blue

Colorado Clay w/ Burnt Sienna

Photos are courtesy of Benjamin Moore Paints.