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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

My first rule of design is that form must follow the function.  Function comes first, and its shape and appearance are second.  There are a number of ways to rethink available storage space, not only to locate new and innovative ways to store items in their homes, but also to show how technology makes storage more functional.



1.   Drawers Under Stairs- (Credit Storage Solutions)  To find storage solutions in your home try to play ‘open space detective’ and look around your home to try to determine where excess storage can be found.  I love that storage can be found under the stairs.

 2.  Hydraulic Hinges- (Credit: Blum)  I love this lift hinge by Blum; with just a slight touch it lifts up and overhead. 

 3. Knee-Touch Open/Close hinge- (Credit Blum) .  This hinge was designed for drawers and cabinets where one must bend down to open and close often.  By tapping your knee against the drawer the drawer opens and closes, allowing garbage, recycling, or pots and pans to be moved more easily.

 4.  Added Function to Drawers- (Credit Dura Supreme) New clever more functional drawers and cabinets are the rage.  Drawers and cabinets are now designed specifically for the items that you may store inside them.  There are new layered drawers and electrified pullout shelves made for small appliances.  This provides better utilization of the space, and is more organized.

 5. Storage Under Floors- (Credit Storage Solutions) Wine storage under the floor.   Unused space under the floor may provide hidden storage options.


If you need more storage, and who doesn't (?), take a look around your home and use these ideas to create more space and organization in your life.

Cheers, Tami Michaels