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Protect Against Fading

Protect Against Fading

As an interior designer, protecting the beautiful furnishings, carpets, wood work, and art are a concern that I try to educate my clients on how to protect their investment against fading. 

Home owners with newer windows often believe that their new windows protect their home furnishings from fading.  Most new windows feature Low E Glass (low emmittance glass). The low emmittance protection is usually achieved with either a microscopically thin layer of either metal or a metallic oxide coating.  In most cases even with the more expensive windows we still see significant fading within the home.  The Low E glass and factory tinting are not enough to protect against fading.

I encourage my clients to use a window film that is constructed from a nano ceramic.  The nano ceramic film is clear, so it does not tint the view.  The nano ceramic defuses the light and acts more like a polarized set of sunglasses.  

The first photo shows the cellular and fabric shades that do offer some protection.  The pull down cellular shades perform well at defusing the light, yet the shades are not attractive and tint the view to an unattractive brown color.  Fabric shades which block the light must be pulled down and block the view.

The second photo is AFTER showing a nano ceramic window film application on a window.  The view appears more defined, and the view has less glare.  The view appears to be enhanced as if peering through a polarized set of sunglasses.  Nano ceramic window film reduces the UV light up to 99.9%, which helps eliminate fading on home furnishings.