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Going from Ugly to Gorgeous on a Budget

Going from Ugly to Gorgeous on a Budget

In this economy many homeowners are facing home improvement projects that could break the bank.  Bathroom remodeling, kitchen cabinet replacement, ugly wood floors and out dated appliances are just some potential big ticket items.  I have resources that can reface ugly and expensive home items for significantly less money.


(Photo credit: N Hance)


Ugly wood surfaces such as cabinets or wood flooring can be refurbished. Chipped, flaking, oil stained, floors and cabinets look dramatically better at a fraction of the cost.  The old finish is refurbished professionally using various solvents and oils to blend flaking finishes and enhance the overall look of the grain of the wood.  Refurbishment works quite well to update Amber or dark colored cabinets such as "Golden Oak" or "Pecan" colors that were popular during the 70's & 80's.  The cabinets can be lightened or darkened as part of the refurbished and updated look.  The resource that I have used for this service is N Hance.



(Photo credit: Country Living Magazine)


As for ugly appliances... Simply changing the color of old kitchen appliances (remember Harvest Gold?) can be another way to save money and update the look of a kitchen.  The process that I recommend is called electrostatic painting.  The paint is transferred directly to the appliance using an electrical current and it is gorgeous.  Spray paint can "orange peel", while electrostatic paint looks like a new automobile. 




And finally, ugly showers or bathtubs are extremely expensive to replace. There is a process called reglazing which is professionally applied and has the same warranty as a new tub.  The coating forms a molecular bond to the tub and covers hard water stains, rust, chips, and even an ugly color.  You can customize the color so that your newly recoated tub can match your Biscuit colored sink, or have a dramatic color if you wish.  I recommend Bathcrest of Seattle for this service.