Tami Michaels: Inside Out

Thank You for Making Our First IDPC-NW Meeting a Success

On Tuesday we had our first Interior Design Protection Council Northwest meeting and it was a huge success. 

Patti Morrow, the Chair of the national IDPC gave a power point presentation outlining the history and future of both the national and Washington regulatory schemes.  Among the many issues discussed were:  
*The different types of interior design regulations and how ALL of them would negatively impact the design community - which    includes related businesses like retailers, showrooms, contractors, stagers, kitchen & bath industry, etc.
*The misinformation perpetuated by the cartel vs. the TRUTH.
*IDPC's spearheading of the Freedom Movement and their amazing results over the last 4 years.
*Why it absolutely imperative that Washington state have both local and national representation on this issue.
*The differences between WAPPDF and IDPC-NW, i.e. their current investigation into compromise legislation, why IDPC believes NO compromise is needed.  A public invitation was given to WAPPDF (5 of their board members attended the meeting) to join us in our mission to keep WA totally regulation free.
*Call to action to participate in the process that has a direct impact on their future.

Tami Michaels

I was happy to follow Patti to say a few words on how I became involved, the impact of the proposed legislation on Washington state, and the need for the design community to help us reach our goals - protect the livelihoods of all designers.  It is not okay to just sit by and allow a select few to marginalize the majority who do not fit their one-size-fits-all vision for our industry.


Join me today as we discuss the progress the IDPC-NW made this week, as well as helping you with your design dilemmas.