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Memorial Day

Memorial Day


Today on our show we honor veterans that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Last week I felt first hand the pain of losing a soldier.

My nephew Kevin lost his battle to recover from injuries sustained in Iraq as the result of an IED attack. There is so much that could be shared about my nephew. I have chosen just one of the many treasured experiences that Kevin left for our family to remember him by.

When kevin got to Iraq he was struck by how friendly and inquisitive the children were.  Kevin noted that while schools were being rebuilt there was a real need for school supplies. Kevin wrote to his mom and asked if his church would collect school supplies. He asked for the basics that theses kids who had won his heart lacked; notebooks, paper, magic markers, and backpacks. He asked if the church could personalize the backpacks so that the kids would connect US compassion with the gifts. Kevin inspired the creation of 252 backpacks lovingly sewn and filled by the ladies of his church which he distributed to the kids in Tekrit.

I could say many things in projecting the long lasting goodwill such philanthropic gestures could render, this photo sums it up. We lost Kevin last week. His memory lives on in my heart as well as the countless kids in Iraq who experienced first hand why our men and women in uniform are the very best this country has to offer. Thank you Kevin for your many gifts to those of us who had the privilege to know you.