Tami Michaels: Inside Out

Hiring a Designer

In this economy it would seem that cutting out the middle man has become a battle cry!  I would like to make an argument for hiring an interior designer.  Designers do in fact save the consumer money because a designer can save the consumer from making costly mistakes.  

Designers are more willing than ever to think out of the box for pricing their services.  Many designers are not only offering their services at an hourly rate many designers are bundling their services with a reduced rate on the cost for the furnishings.  

How does one find an interior designer?  The NWSID and the Seattle Design Center are two formidable options.  The NWSID is a trade organization representing independent designers in the Northwest.  

Another tremendous benefit to hiring a designer is that designers create homes and mixed use spaces that are layered and complex, largely because professional designers have far more resources than general consumers.  The results are more dynamic and beautiful, and spaces are more functional as well.

NWSID- # 206-763-8799;
Seattle Design Center- # 800-497-7997

Tami Michaels