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Trim Molding

Trim Molding

Trim Molding is literally a secret weapon for inexpensive interior design projects.  Trim molding can inexpensively add sophistication to a room.  

I use trim moldings to create large custom mirrors.  Large mirrors are expensive and by using trim moldings, the Do-It-Yourselfer can get the exact size that they need. 

To get the look of a high-end kitchen, add crown moldings.  If the D-I-Y'er has an ugly kitchen and a tight budget, adding molding can add style.  Now here is a tip: you can order gorgeous moldings and even hand-carved moldings online.  Paint the moldings, and cabinets. You can dd a glaze coat over the entire cabinet project and you'll create a high-end cabinet make-over on a budget.

As a designer I love fireplaces.  To save cost you can order fireplace mantels online or build one using trim moldings.  If you are design challenged, ask a lumberyard to help you.  Print out a picture from a magazine, take it to the lumber yard and ask them to help you cut the correct pieces.  This is also a great project for an hourly handyman service.

Here are a couple excellent references to help you install molding, installcrown.com and Home Depot