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Today on Inside Out

Today on Inside Out, in addition to taking your calls, the subjects will include decks and pet friendly carpet. 

This is the time of year to care for your decks, and this article is great, http://dalyspaint.com/deck_care.html#top.
There is quite a bit of info in the article, so to boil it down we’ve developed a Daly’s 1-2-3 Method to Deck Care:
1)     Daly’s Deck and House Cleaner
This removes all the built-up grime and gunk that happens to decks in the northwest. Amazing results and very easy to use!
2)     Daly’s Wood Brightener
Use this once you’ve cleaned your deck but the wood still looks a little ‘tired’ or grayed-out and weathered. Daly’s Wood Brightener makes your old decking look like new again. Just in time for step #3….
3)     Daly’s DeckStain
Daly’s DeckStain has penetrating oils that feed the wood – keeps the deck in great shape and ready for those summer BBQs! And the stain is semi-transparent, so you see the beauty of the wood shining through.

Unless you have fallen and can't get up to turn up the volume on my weekly radio program, my long time listeners know that I am crazy about animals. As a designer I believe that it is a personal responsibility to place pet friendly products in the homes of my clients. Carpet Liquidators went on a search to find a product that met the pet friendly challenge that I desired to recommend on air and to place in the homes for my clients. Mohawk carpets came up with a product that is beyond pet friendly, The other very important factor is that it is green.  The Mohawk product is called Smart Strand.  Pet friendly, I asked?  Mohawk lined the pin of a Rhino at a zoo with Smart Strand. Watch the videos of Ricko he is adorable!  www.carpetliquidators.com

It is so stain resistant that the home owner can spill mustard, coffee, wine and even bleach will not ruin this carpet.  Carpet Liquidators who is a sponsor of my program knows how geeked up I am about pets and so they got behind me and agreed to stock a ton of Smart Strand. And yes this stuff is pet friendly!