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Online sales are increasing for home furnishings.  While "brick and mortar" furniture retail sales have been soft (some estimates show furniture retail sales are down by as much as 47%), online furniture sales show that American's now embrace shopping online for home furnishings.  One study shows that as many as 65% of consumers shopping for home furnishings will find the furniture online.   http://www.netpaths.net/blog/e-commerce-transactions-what-people-really-buy-online/

Why?  Online furniture sites now feature gorgeous decor so that the consumer feels drawn to the site and can easily envision the pictured furniture in their own home.  Online sites just make it simple for the average DIY decorator to look like a professional put the rooms together.  Frankly, most people do not have the time or the confidence to put together the decor that is just simple click away.

Buyer beware:  Online shopping does not guarantee quality, which is rather subjective to the eye of the consumer.  Consumers also should be aware of the scale of the furnishings.  A common mistake made by DIY decorators is selecting furniture that is too large for the rooms they seek to decorate.

A couple of tips:  Join the facebook pages and online registry for the sites that you like.  Almost all of the furniture sites feature special sales and if you are registered with the online furniture store site, the consumer can receive special savings.   Once registered for one site Google Ads will detect that you are a potential customer and send you related sites that the consumer may find of interest.  Spam could actually become your friend for home furnishings  :-)

Don't be afraid to call a site's contact number and make an offer.  For small companies you might be surprised that the owners of the site might be ready to strike a deal if you buy multiple items or make a large purchase.

Shelter Magazines such as Elle Decor and Architectural Digest now have online stores.  Which brings me to my final point- even if the consumer never buys any furniture online, some of the best interior design ideas are available on the e-comerce sites for home furnishings.

Here are some sites that I like:

 http://www.onekingslane.com/Events.aspx (Please note, I love this site and I am on this site multiple times a week)




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Cheers, Tami Michaels