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USO Center at SeaTac is in need of our help

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The USO is a nonprofit organization established to provide all the comforts of home to service members and their families.  Its mission is to lift the spirits of America's service members and their families.  Among the many philanthropic things that the USO does, they have community centers at airports throughout the world. It is a place that soldiers feel welcome while they await deployment.
SeaTac airport has over 120,000 soldiers passing through each year, or about 1,200 a week, some with families. They can spend up to 72 hours waiting a deployment, leaving soldiers sitting and sleeping on the floor. The USO Northwest wants to build a center that will fully accommodate our troops while they wait.
The USO NW is trying to raise $500K for a new center that will be 7,000 sq. ft., offering 24/7 travel assistance, access to the comforts of home and moral support to our troops as they provide meals, a bunk room, showers, a family room and even an area for homecomings and deployments, and so much more.
The USO is seeking private donations as well as they are hoping to find a benefactor to assist in their plan to build the new USO SeaTac Airport Center.  Donations can be made at the USO NW website.

The USO; lifting the spirits of America's troops and their families.  Let's help those that defend us.