Unconventional Thanksgiving recipes from local chefs

Unconventional Thanksgiving recipes from local chefs
Happy Thanksgiving! What do you plan to serve up this holiday?

Maybe you're looking to spruce up your Thanksgiving meal with a special addition. Or perhaps you're looking to do away with the turkey altogether and plan a more adventurous meal.

Whatever your fancy, no one wants to host an unmemorable holiday meal. So to help turn your Thanksgiving feast into a huge success, we've called upon several celebrated local chefs. The generous chefs shared several of their favorite recipes that are sure to wow even your mother-in-law.

Herbfarm Oyster & Salsify Chowder With Lemon Thyme and Espelette Pepper

Did you know oysters were served at the very first Thanksgiving? So this dish is quite appropriate for the holiday.

Chef Becky Selengut: Muhammara

Your guests getting impatient waiting for dinner? Serve up this scrumptious yet light appetizer to tide them over until the big feast!

ART Restaurant: Popcorn Soup

Here's a soup that has all the comforting elements of home cooking, but isn't quite as heavy as grandma's squash soup.

Allium Restaurant: Chestnut and Black Truffle Soup (a.k.a Marriage Proposal Soup)

This soup once resulted in a marriage proposal to the chef. Enough said.

CookLocal.com: White Bean and Kale Stuffed Delicata Squash

Here's a recipe that's especially great for the vegans and the vegetarians on your guest.

ART Restaurant: Pumpkin Milk Chocolate Mocha Mousse Cake

What's missing from a traditional Thanksgiving meal menu? Chocolate, says pastry chef Tara Sedor.

CookLocal.com: Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Roll

What a creative take on a beloved traditional dessert! And here's an easy tip: you can make the dough the night before.

Jon Rowley: Cranberry Pie

How about making a dessert out of those quintessentially-Thanksgiving berries?