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Life & Style Five ways to de-stress Five ways to de-stress
After a week filled with tragic and exhausting news -- not to mention the trials of everyday life -- most of us are probably feeling fairly stressed. But in addition to being emotionally tiresome, stress is can also be physically dangerous to your health.

We've got a few tips on how to easily, naturally lower your stress levels, both immediately and over the long-term:
Life & Style The number one snack in America is...fresh fruit!? The number one snack in America is...fresh fruit!?
If you were to drop into the on-air studio during the Kent & Alan show, you'd notice the distinctive smell of orange peels. That's because Alan and Leonard are almost constantly snacking on fresh fruit -- and they're not alone! According to a survey last month, fresh fruit is America's number one snack choice, beating out chips, chocolate, and other less healthy choices. Nice work, America!