Cleaning your closet doesn't have to drive you crazy

Cleaning your closet doesn't have to drive you crazy

Your closet. It's ridiculous. And at a time of the year where you never know when you'll have to find your best outfit, some stuff needs to go. Like today. So follows these rules and by the weekend you'll have plenty of room to go shopping again:

Organize by Season

Once you know exactly when you’ll need your clothing, you know where to start. It’s safe to say that you’ll want pieces best suited for spring/summer and that nearly everything from fall/winter can be sequestered in another room for later organization.

Organize by Color

Do you need four white tank tops or three pairs of cargo shorts? (Side note: Nobody needs three pairs of cargo shorts.) Once you’ve organized your warm weather clothing by color schemes you can see what you’re in need of and what you can give away.

Be Objective

You have to think clearly when it comes to this stuff. You may have gotten that shirt on sale, or from an ex, but try and imagine it on someone else walking down the street. Will you really wear that again in the next thirty days? Is it flattering? Does it match your style? Will those stains ever come out? Always see if you can think of two solid outfits to be made with that particular piece. If you can't, ditch it.

Shelve It!

Once you’ve seen the clothing that you’re keeping, you’ll recognize your closet needs. Spending a bit of cash on closet organization can save you time during your next season change and makes it easier to find what you need. Skirt/slack hangers, belt/scarf/tie hangers and drawer organizers are some of the cheapest and most effective items to start with. Also, buying under the bed organizers is great for the winter and fall clothes to save for later.

Bag the Duds!

At the end of this day-long, tear-inducing first world problem you’ll be left with items that you don’t need anymore. At this point, organize them and figure out which can be donated or given away, tailored/sewn and kept, and which can be tossed out because they’re a wreck.