Home Tips: 6 Surprising Stain Busting Secrets

Home Tips:  6 Surprising Stain Busting Secrets

Whether it's tarnished silver or stained coffee cups, common household stains are a fact of life-- but they don't have to be permanent. Here are some surprising stain busting secrets and the unexpected products that get the job done. When trying these products at home, always, test an inconspicuous area first.

Tarnished Silver: If your silverware is looking tarnished, the solution can be found in your bathroom-it's toothpaste.

Plain old toothpaste can be used to polish silverware and silver. Use an old toothbrush or washcloth to apply the toothpaste and rub… the tarnish comes right off. Polish the item(s) then rinse well with water.

And speaking of tarnish, here's an unexpected idea on how to deal with tarnished copper-Worcestershire Sauce. Something you would normally put on your steak can help get the tarnish off your copper pieces.

Use an old toothbrush to gently rub the sauce on the copper and rinse. Your copper will be gleaming once again. Works on brass too!

Stained Coffee Cups: It seems to happen over time-those dark coffee cup stains that seem immune to soap and scrubbing.

White vinegar combined with table salt can remove those pesky off your coffee cups. Made a paste with the white vinegar and salt and use an old toothbrush to brush those stains away. Rinse well with water and enjoy your clean cup!

And here's another product that works on those coffee and tea stains especially when you're dealing with hard-to-clean items like the inside of a tea pot… denture cleaning tablets.

Drop a tablet inside, fill the teapot up with warm water and put the lid on for a few minutes. Dump out the mixture and use a toothbrush inside to get rid of the stains.

Dingy Metal Baking Sheets: It seems inevitable that your baking sheets get a nasty buildup of those dark baking related stains. But it's not!  Grab a "Magic Eraser" (commonly used to clean stains on walls and floors) and use some elbow grease to make your cookie sheets look nearly new.

Crayon on the Walls: If your kids decide to decorate the walls with crayons the fix may be found in your garage-- WD-40. Although it's mainly used to stop squeaks and loosen rusted parts, WD-40 can also used for cleaning stuff like crayon stains and scuff marks. Spray it on and use and old washcloth to remove the stain.