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Life & Style Mortgage modification letters in the mail are not all scams Mortgage modification letters in the mail are not all scams(Video)
Thousands of local homeowners are in line for mortgage modifications that could save them lots of money -- and even save their homes. Unfortunately many of the notices are being mistaken for scams. The problem? Questionable businesses are also sending out mortgage modification notices, so suspicious consumers are simply tossing everything in the recycling bin. Homeowners are suspicious because of all the foreclosure rescue fraud.
Life & Style Architects battle to rule the roost Architects battle to rule the roost(Video)
The Rainier Beach Urban Farm really went to the birds this weekend, and some lucky chickens will be getting fancy new digs.

It was Seattle's very first chicken coop design and build competition. Seattle Tilth, Architecture for Humanity and Architects Without Borders teamed up for this event, aimed at inspiring people interested in raising urban chickens. All the proceeds went to Seattle Youth Garden Works, who help introduce homeless and under served youth to urban agriculture.

Ten chicken coops, dreamed up and built by everyone from families to large architecture firms, battled it out for an array of awards. There were lots of interesting innovations including living roofs, hidden storage, and reused building materials.

The coops will be on display through mid August, at the Farm, located at 5513 South Cloverdale Ave in Rainer Beach. Then they will be distributed to neighborhood groups and families in the area.

The Winners:

The judges prize, and the coveted Egg Nest Trophy, went to Coop15 for "Eggplant".

Most innovative prize went to "Chicken Haus" by Callison.

Best use of Integrative Structures and Systems went to "Huevos Ranchero" by VIA Architecture

The Malden Group won two awards, for their "Malden Coop". The "Most Likely to Hypnotize a Chicken" award and the People's Choice Award.

The event raised almost $2000 for Seattle Youth Garden Works, part of Seattle Tilth.

Music by The Loveward Steps
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