PAWS rescues very-cute bear cubs, is kind enough to take video

Seattle-area animal rescue organization PAWS adopts out a lot of sweet puppies and kitties each year--they operate Cat City in the U. District, in addition to a shelter in Lynnwood--but they also help rescue and relocate wildlife, like racoons, bobcats...and, in some cases, even baby bears, like in this video.

PAWS sent over a press release about the lumbering cubs. Apparently, during the spring, orphaned baby bears are in extra need of rescue.

Here's what PAWS has to say about these particular little guys:

"This year the center is hosting seven different cubs from all over the northwest. One of them made a dramatic entrance last summer when he arrived with a collapsed lung. PAWS veterinarian staff had to perform their first-ever Pneumothorax surgery to repair the injury.
The wildlife rehabilitation staff at PAWS creates a darkened bear run for the youngsters every year so they may go into hibernation. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.
'Imagine trying to get a room full of kindergartners down for nap time- there’s always one or two kids that just won’t go to sleep?', says PAWS Naturalist Kevin Mack. 'That pretty much describes it.'"