Five best spots for Taco Tuesday

Five best spots for Taco Tuesday
Photo courtesy of onebrainy1 from Flickr.

Coming back from a long weekend is pretty much the worst thing ever. Regardless of how glorious the weather is supposed to be this week (I'll believe it when I see it), or how there are only actually four days of work left, a long weekend really just leads into a really long first day back at the desk.

The only way to get you over the hill and into the mid-week stretch, then, is tacos. It's Taco Tuesday and here are five places to get the week back on the right track with corn tortillas and, if you're lucky, a landslide of margaritas.

Old 5th Ave. Tavern, Maple Leaf
Because what says "tasty tacos" better than a dark dive? True, a lot of things. But what's better than 2-for-$1 tacos with a side of pull-tabs? Nothing. That's right.

Barracuda, Queen Anne/Belltown
Located in a weird pocket between lower Queen Anne and the nicer part of Belltown, Barracuda doesn't just give you $1 off tacos in celebration of Tuesday -- they also have happy hour all night, which includes drink specials. And the food is real, real good.

Rancho Bravo, Capitol Hill
Okay, so Rancho Bravo may or may not do a Taco Tuesday special (you're never really sure what's cooking inside this former KFC with zero signage and not a website to speak of) -- but the place is dirt cheap and damn good/greasy, so specials aren't really required. And if you can't make it to their brick-and-formica store, you can also get some to-go grub at one of their many taco trucks around town, including the one in Wallingford by Dick's, or the one at 105th and Greenwood.

El Chupacabra, Phinney and West Seattle
Open late and overflowing with vegetarian and vegan options, 'Chupa has a following that runs deep. They also have a mean drink menu, two happy hours nightly and, at the Phinney location, a bad-ass deck that is frequently packed with beautiful tattooed people who definitely don't live in the sleepy neighborhood.

Royal Booze and Burritos, U. District
Go now, before the students start streaming back and clogging up the line for the sepia-toned photobooth. Taco Tuesday gets you $2 crunchy tacos, and if you're before 3pm (because you're feeling a little sick, right? And you need to go home early?), well drinks are an adorable 50 cents.