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10-year-old rescues toddlers from collapsed bounce house

10-year-old rescues toddlers from collapsed bounce house
WESTPORT, Wash. -- A brave fifth grader from Grays Harbor County is being hailed as a hero for risking her own safety to help several toddlers stuck inside a collapsed bounce house.

Dangerous circumstances brought together 10-year-old Ryann Raffelson and 2-year-old Alissa Lamm.

The two girls were attending Westport's Pirate Daze festival on Saturday when the bounce house they were in came crashing to the ground.

Ryann quickly escaped, but three toddlers were trapped inside. Instead of running away, Ryann jumped back in to save the kids.

"When it started to collapse, she got the first two kids out right away," said Alissa's dad, Richard Lamm.

Little Alissa was still trapped inside, and the opening to the collapsed bounce house was just big enough for Ryann's small body. Once inside, Ryann said she could no longer see Alissa and had to find her by listening for her voice.

"It was scary because I thought she was starting to faint or something because it was getting quieter," Ryann said.

And then came the moment of triumph, when Ryann emerged with Alissa.

"I was very proud of her, she is a hero," said Alissa's dad.

For Ryann, it was just an opportunity to do what she likes to do: help people.

"I feel really good about helping their daughter because I like helping people, she said.

Richard Lamm said the city of Westport plans to honor Ryann's bravery.
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