Kirkland family's home to get an Extreme Makeover

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KIRKLAND - When you think of ABC's "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition," you probably don't think Kirkland. But the wrecking ball is about to knock down a Kirkland family's home, and they couldn't be happier.

Neighbors told us the Chapin family is the heart of their neighborhood. And thanks to the show, they will be able to stay that way.

The family has lived in their little yellow house in Kirkland for decades, but time has taken its toll.

"Structurally, it's a mess," said John Littlefield, a member of the show's design team. "It could cave in at any time."

Wednesday morning, the Chapin's lives changed forever when the ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus rolled up to the front door.

"It was an answer to a dream; answer to prayers; an answer to a lot of problems that I can't solve myself," said Connie Chapin.

Connie Chapin is raising four kids on her own, and supports the family by teaching disadvantaged kids to swim.

"We're so excited for Connie," said neighbor Sarah Evans. "We can't imagine the awesome things they are going to do to the house, the swimming pool. We're just thrilled for them. They are so deserving."

Michael Moloney of the show's design team says the Chapin's are lucky to have such a great neighborhood.

"What I think is really telling is that the neighbors have come together and told us what a phenomenal family this is," he said. "The neighbors are all phenomenal. They're so welcoming. They're so glad we're here."

The house almost 100 years old. Connie has never lived anywhere else.

"Born and raised in this house so I have some sentimental memories, but the house itself is ready to go," she said.

The kids already know what they want in the new home.

"(A) more adult... bigger room," said daughter Molly Chapin.

"An outdoor adventure room. That's my favorite theme," son Daniel Chapin said.

Extreme Makeover says picking the families is even harder than building the houses.

"We get over 1,000 applications a day so there is obviously a need," said Paige Hemmis of the show's design team. "When we saw this family... we realized not only do they have a need, they give back to the community."

The wrecking ball is scheduled for Thursday, and the show will air sometime in January.

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