Dog owners spending big to pamper their pets

Dog owners spending big to pamper their pets »Play Video
Thought you'd seen it all when it comes to pampering your pets? Leave it to Los Angeles dog owners to kick it up a notch with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for dogs.

Dog owner Melanie Marden climbed into the contraption with her dog Porsche, explaining, "Her energy's gone up, her fur is so much softer, like a puppy."

Marden admits, not everyone understands their $150 a treatment habit.

"I explained to them, you know the thing Michael Jackson does? Well, it's really good for you. I know it's a little weird. My mom says 'you're so LA now,' " Marden laughs.

And apparently in LA, even dogs feel the pressure to turn back the clock.

"The dogs look like a puppy after they get out of the chamber. It is an anti aging treatment," says Maya Volk, of

But you don't have to go to Hollywood to get pet chic. Just look to Seattle and Paul Allen's South Lake Union neighborhood.

People in tight quarters want to show off their pampered pet products.

Dave Figueroa owns the Scraps bakery at the base of the urban development. "You don't have the opportunity to hide things away," he says of condominium living.

"They have to be out. So you want things to match your furniture, or to match your floors or your cabinets. Highly stylized products are very popular with the urban dweller."

That means shelling out nearly two hundred bucks for a customized dog bed - you pick the material, the size and the firmness.

The pet industry pulls in $41 billion a year, and that buys a lot of luxury. When it comes to collars, Scraps carries real pearls, genuine italian leather and an $85 collar featuring real Swarovski crystals.

And of course there are the angora sweaters and rhinestone studded T-shirts.

But if your dog is too big to be caught romping in one of those little numbers, you're in luck.

Joanie Dhillon of Idawg Clothing Company is putting out her fall line. "These jackets are all waterproof, breathable fabrics," she says. "So your dog is going to stay dry and warm in the winter."

Seattle-based Idawg is one of the top doggie wear designers in the world, catering to those poor pooches who simply had nothing to wear: the labs, the boxers, the great danes out there.

"I realized there was a real void in the marketplace," Dhillon says. "Big dogs have a very difficult time finding fashionable clothing, so I wanted to make a change to that."

First the runway - next stop, vacation.

Slather on a blueberry facial, get a massage and lounge in front of the flat screen at the Ritz Carlton of the dog world -- Paradise Ranch in Sun Valley.

Here, your dog gets all the comforts of home.

"A lot of owners sleep with their dogs at home so they request a bed buddy and that means one of our overnight caretakers will sleep with their dog," Penny Whisler describes.

All so your well rested, younger looking, fashionably dressed dog can get back home to the off-leash park.

But fair warning, the other pooches might get there ahead of yours - by private plane.